Communication + Nutrition


I was born and raised in Uruguay. In Ecuador, I found my home and here I continue growing. I am a mother, wife, Kung Fu / Tai Chi practitioner, content creator, holistic cook, and designer.

9 years ago I left my land of Uruguay in the quest for the Ancestral Knowledge of America and the guidance of Plant Medicine. I work together with my husband (Dr. Johnathan Flores) looking every day for the best way to bring people closer to the healing process.

Thanks to the encounter with Master Plants and ancestral designs, in recent years I have devoted myself to social communication and the development of the Nina Wasi project, seeking to share the well-being and wisdom that this ancestral knowledge has brought to my life.

I am a creator; that is, I develop projects, designs, and communication channels that allow us to reach you in the most simple and sincere way. Like a Woman, Wife, and Mother, I sustain and care for the balance of feminine energy in our home.

I am a cook, I enjoy transforming food and transforming its nutrients into a healthy and tasty dish. Each elaboration is a ceremony in itself. Thanks to the teachings that Plant Medicine has brought into my life, I can feel and honor the sacred ancestral work of preparing food for the family.

Thus, at Nina Wasi, you will always receive top quality food, prayed, and sung with love so that they are pure medicine. Likewise, my job is to support and assist the healing process and whoever needs it.
Asimismo mi trabajo es de apoyo y asistencia al proceso de sanación y a quien lo necesite.

I am a student of life, I am human and every day I find myself going through my own process, mirroring each one of the beings that come to our home and learning from this sacred and millenary path.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or suggestions that arise. I am here to serve.