Plant Medicine allows you to receive divine knowledge and apply it to this sacred earth. This wisdom reminds you how to walk in this mother while connected with spiritual wisdom. This balance keeps you strong and healthy. These medicines are not to "fly away", they are meant to build stronger and solid roots without being afraid of growing toward the sky. It is not so possible to be accurate about this deep process in a short web description. What we can share with you is that it is all about the point of view. With the right guidance, Plant Medicine allows you to get free of the mind´s loop, and reconnect with the present moment. When the pain of the past is not a threat anymore but just a memory that brings a lesson learned. You have the answers within you. Sometimes you just forget it. Let these ancients being shown you the path to your freedom!


The Elder´s path

We work with two Plant Medicines: San Pedro, (alternatively called Huachuma or Aguacolla), native to the Andes mountains, and Ayahuasca (or Yagé), originally from the Amazon rainforest. Although modern science has identified the active components of these plants as mescaline and DMT, respectively, it is important to emphasize that these medicines are not drugs. They operate in an entirely different way to common medications, and should they never be used recreationally. San Pedro and Ayahausca effect profound structural changes in the ways in which we perceive ourselves, and those around us. It is our deep conviction that these Plant Medicines contain a powerful spiritual intelligence that offers healing and knowledge to those who receive them with openness, respect and integrity. Through ceremony, we acknowledge the presence of the plant wisdom and honor the sacred path of our ancestors.

We also work with wild herbs in the preparation of floral baths and perfumes for protection, empowerment, and energy cleansing. As well as with the Tobacco plant used for energy cleansing and healing during ceremonies.


Taking responsibility for continuity.

The plants we used for this healing purpose are organic and wild. They have been harvested in an ancient and respectful way. In the wild zones where no human lives, respecting the traditions of the native community of the area. And then replanted and multiplied in wild areas ensuring its free survival on this land.

Also, the preparation of each medicine is done in its natural habitat, following the designs and instructions of the ancient knowledge. That involves several days of preparation, which allows the vibrational field to be of the highest frequency. Achieving a medicine of the highest quality. That brings a clear, sincere, and concrete visions and understandings about yourself and your life path. 

[Each medicine contains only water and plants, without any additional additions.]


Respectful and family environment.

In recent times, the sacred altars, which have been guarded by ancestral communities, have begun to rise. There are many places and people who say they know these ancestral practices, and truth be said there are many people who do, but there are also those who take advantage of these medicines to fool and profit from others. That’s why we felt its important that you take your time to investigate the place and the people that will support your process, in order for you to have a safe and real healing experience.

We work on the foundation with respect to the family, this means that we live and act according to the conviction of the power and importance of the presence of women within our family circle. Honoring her sacred feminine energy, and taking care of this energy with respect to her integrity: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


The process of self-discovery with Plant Medicine is one of the most liberating and healing experiences that a human being can experience. As long as the process is respected with the guidance of an expert. However, this may result in overwhelming for those coming from western cultures. This is why it is essential to accompany ancestral ceremonies with an integration process. Where you can integrate the sacred knowledge that the plant gives you, applying it to your daily life in a harmonious, clear, and practical way. No tangles, no misinterpretations, no complicated metaphysical concepts. Thus you will achieve an optimal result after every Plant Medicine´s experience.

This is why, for the last seven years, Dr. Johnathan Flores has been developing and improving a therapeutic methodology which he named CET METHOD®. These sessions are part of our programs here in Nina Wasi. They are also an excellent tool if you have had an encounter with the master plants and feel that parts are missing. If so, you need an online session to integrate your experience.


Straight from the heart to the mind.

With years of experience and commitment to the healing process of each one of his patients, Dr. Johnathan Flores has developed a highly effective and complete healing system named CET® (Comprehensive Emotional Therapy). The CET Method® informs all our programs, ceremonies, and integration sessions. CET is a therapy that affirms the centrality of emotional wellbeing for healing. It is a practice that recognizes and honors the path that the Elders, grandfathers, and grandmothers have bequeathed to us. CET maximizes the healing opportunities Plant Medicines provide; it builds upon their ability to catalyze authentic emotions and cut through egoic delusions. Plant Medicines are potent tools that offer us the possibility of being honest with ourselves and, thereby, the possibility of connecting with the most authentic dimension of our being. In the ceremony, CET expands on these experiential openings. It works with the wisdom of the plants, and the wisdom of the individual’s inner healing powers, to illuminate a path of healing. Over a series of healing rituals, individuals realize they possess the strength to identify and make changes in their lives and live fully, in peace, and with joy.

"You are the medicine you have been looking for "
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