CET Method®
[Comprehensive Emotional Therapy]

As living beings, we are fully capable of dynamically changing. Harnessing this truth, and working with plant medicines, Dr. Johnathan Flores has developed a unique healing therapy that draws upon our innate healing capacities. Dr. Flores’s Comprehensive Emotional Therapy (CET Method ®) focuses on emotional states, rather than the mental/intellectual processes,  as they are a source of most of our conflicts and the font from which healing emerges.

CET Method® combines the powerful knowledge of Ancestral Medicine with modern therapeutic techniques. It allows you to create a natural map of yourself, your present situation, and your heritage. From this foundation it allows you to envision, create and enact a healthy and joyful future, full of infinite possibilities.

No emotional dependency · No years of running around looking for answers · No wasting time or money.


Recupera tu balance natural.
 Vive la paz y plenitud que se manifiesta en todos los aspectos de tu vida.

Emotional Balance

Live in Fullness

Communicate with love

Why this therapy ?

Straight from the heart to the mind.

The fundamental purpose of this method is to guide you and give you the tools so that you learn to connect with your inner wisdom, without the need to depend emotionally on the therapist.

Managing to find the original cause of your condition from the first encounters.

That is, at the end of the process you will achieve emotional autonomy. Which will accompany you the rest of your life as long as you continue to practice what you learned during therapy.

How does it work?

Real results

Healing is an organic process, dynamic and unique. It also involves teamwork,which requires your participation and commitment. From us,you will receive our total commitment, and our dedication to your wellbeing. 

The first session lasts between 1 and 2 hours and takes place over an online platform (Zoom). Together with Dr. Flores you will discuss your bio-psycho-social and emotional heritage, and your present situation. You will then come to create a natural map of yourself.

Depending on your situation and possibilities, Dr. Flores will recommend how to continue. There are two options: Continue with online CET ® Sessions / Do the Psychedelic Immersive Program.

At the end of the therapy, you will be satisfied that the initial reason for which you consulted Dr Flores has been clarified and fully addressed. From this point, you will advance towards a new life with confidence and optimism. As your practice progresses, you will apply what you have learned in new ways, and you will continue to receive new wisdom and insights. You will feel spiritually renewed. 

No emotional dependency · No years of running around looking for answers · No wasting time or money.

Family Therapy

The power of healing together.

The CET Method is a powerful therapy that has met with
astonishing success at both the individual level
and with family relationships and couples. It helps facilitate the rebuilding of fundamental ties and the creation of new sincere,
loving, and enduring channels of communication.
In turn, this empowers the entire family unit and its environment. Reaching this level of healing in our family relationships allows future generations to enter the world with optimism, self-confidence, and the feeling of truly belonging.


Working with Plant Medicines

The process of self-discovery with plant medicines (or ¨psychedelics”) is one of the most healing and liberating experiences possible — provided the process is undertaken with care, and under the guidance of a skilled healer.
As traditional cultures have long recognized, working with plant medicines requires extensive training so as to adequately prepare individuals
for a non-ordinary experience, to facilitate the healing ceremonies, and to integrate the experiences. In the absence of a skilled healer, the strong emotional charges that are frequently activated during a ceremony may become overwhelming to some.
For this reason, it is essential that a skilled practitioner be present both during the ceremony, and after it during the crucial process of “integration”, where the content of the experience be examined and integrated into one’s life. It is during the process of Integration that the healing truly begins: one learns how to incorporate the sacred knowledge that ancestral medicine has given, and to apply it in daily life in a wholesome, harmonious and constructive way.

"A path of a thousand miles begins with the first step."
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