Whether you are looking to meet the Master Plants or start your process online, this session is the first step. After this first instance, you will already feel that something has been healed in you.

Release Stuck Emotions

Allow your feelings to be expressed in a safe and contained space.

See Clearly

And recognize the steps to take to overcome what is holding you back.

Recognize Your Patterns

Deja de girar en círculos y comienza a vivir una vida consciente y despierta.

Move to the next level

Take charge of your life and regain your natural power.


These sessions are an essential part of the TEI® Method. It consists of a therapeutic meeting with Dr. Johnathan Flores. In each instance you will receive tools and practices to carry out in your daily life, observations to make about yourself and what surrounds you. Which you will work with Dr. Flores in the next session.

From the first session, you will get clear answers about what you need to work to overcome what is happening to you and how many sessions it will take you to solve it. 


From 1 to 2 hs


Zoom / On-Site


Have you had an experience with Psychedelics and feel like something is missing?

The process of self-discovery with the Ancestral Plants is one of the most healing and liberating experiences that a human being can live. As long as it is carried out with the guidance of an expert.
Also, it can be overwhelming for those who come from Western culture.
for a non-ordinary experience, to facilitate the healing ceremonies, and to integrate the experiences. In the absence of a skilled healer, the strong emotional charges that are frequently activated during a ceremony may become overwhelming to some.
Where you can integrate the sacred knowledge that the plant has given you, applying it in your daily life in a harmonious and practical way.

These sessions are part of our Ancestral Medicine Program. 

They are also an excellent tool if you have had an encounter with the Master Plants and feel that information is missing. If so, you need an online session to integrate your experience.

"Every step we take takes us somewhere. let's walk wisely."

Real results