Ancient Medicine Doctor

Physician, Shaman in the Ancestral Andean-Amazonian Plants Tradition, Researcher, Psychedelic Therapist, Intuitive Coach, Music Therapist, Reiki Master, Leadership Mentor, and Founder of CET® Method (Comprehensive Emotional Therapy).

He has dedicated his life to bridging the gap that separates traditional western medicine with indigenous ancestral medicine (shamanism), thus becoming a pioneer in the field of Modern Ancestral Medicine (Psychedelic Therapies).


Heir to the Indigenous Lineage

Born in the USA, due to his Latin American roots (Colombia), Dr. Flores has immersed himself in the world of shamanic culture of the native communities of the Amazon and the Andes.

His path begins at a very young age, with the teachings of his grandmother «Diosita». A wise Colombian woman who taught her about the relationship with plants and the world of the invisible, the power to conjure and recognize that everything is sacred.

For over 16 years he has been dived into the ancient ancestral knowledge of the Plant Medicine such as Ayahuasca and Wachuma.

Emotional Counseling

CET Method®

Thanks to the Ancestral Medicines as his guide, extensive training, and his dedication to holistic healing, Dr. Flores has created a unique therapeutic method called the CET® MethodCET Method® 

Where he will guide you in a unique and true encounter with yourself. Reconnecting with what is most sincere in you, recovering the memory of who you are and what you have come to do in this life. 

Currently, Dr. Flores also works with patients around the world supporting their healing processes online.

Remember that you are a healthy, perfect and complete being.
There is no danger when you connect with the force of your own being. You are health "

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Ancestral Medicine for Modern Times

"You are not depressed, you are distracted." Each episode, Dr. Flores will provide you with practical tools to increase your awareness. Combining live coaching sessions guiding patients through reconnecting with their true being, solo podcast and interviews. Understanding and releasing with joy and depth the most sordid ailments that affect the human mind in these modern times.


“The truth revealed from psychedelic plants.”
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