“Listen to how an instrument sings, share the song, sing as a team, without competing. The instrument is the one that teaches you to sing, teaches you about the rhythm, about the vibration. It teaches you how to transmit. Learn to respect the instrument through your own silence, accompanying its singing with respect. As if there was someone else singing.
When that connection is truly achieved, when you can feel the instrument, and recognize that it is alive, there is beauty.

It is there when the instrument tells you, guides you and the union of your vibration with his becomes an unstoppable, powerful tool that transforms everything it touches.”

Dr. Johnathan Flores


Calling the highest vibration

Music is a fundamental tool within the shamanic healing. 

Here, Dr. Johnathan Flores uses different vibrations to release emotional blockages lodged in your physical body. 

Helping you to recover your memory, releasing tensions, creating joy, peace, and a feeling that could be expressed as "decrease mental noise". 

This musical technique creates an opening towards feeling and travels through different spaces of the body. Achieving so that you know what is happening in you, what is the conflict. Taking you towards the awakening of your consciousness. To achieve this, Dr. Flores has not only developed the musical technique, but the fundamental basis of this tool lies in feeling. This has been achieved thanks to the guidance and wisdom of Plant Medicine.

With his years of practice and commitment to life to this ancient tradition, he has managed to learn how to heal in the invisible world of energy, spirit, and vibration that touches and modifies the physical plane. Based on this learning, this technique is able to recognize the feelings that are generated inside by the external stimulus that the instruments perform. Managing to release it, healing from the root.

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