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Safety and care

in your healing process

Safe Place

Our retreats are held in Ecuador, where the Ecuadorian constitution protects ancient medicine with entheogenic plants as a fundamental part of the indigenous heritage. Therefore, the practice of treatments with Ayahuasca, Huachuma cactus, Peyote, and Mushrooms is legal if the necessary permits are met. 

Our installations are private and secure, allowing each owner to have the privacy and amenities they require for comfortable treatment.

Medical License

Our director and treating physician is Dr. Johnathan Flores. In addition to being a Physician, he has a postgraduate degree in Homeopathy, preparation as a Therapeutic Operator in Addictions, Family Constellations, and Neural Therapy. He also has an indigenous ancestral lineage and the support of Andean-Amazonian communities for the traditional practice of treatments with Medicinal Plants. He also has more than 18 years of experience in entheogenic plants. 

In addition, we are Nina Wasi S.A.S, the first and only legally constituted Ancestral Medicine Clinic in Ecuador (Founded in 2013). And we have an Official Medical License. That means we count on granted permits for practicing General, Homeopathic and Ancestral Medicine with entheogenic plants. 

Access to medical care

We have a General Physician, Homeopath, and Neural Therapist on-site. The closest hospital is in the adjacent town of Manglaralto, 7 minutes away with 24/7 emergency service, and private care clinics are 50 minutes away in the City of Santa Elena. We also have the on-site medical and emotional consultation service outside the program itinerary; these can be scheduled for an additional cost. [*this service is subject to agenda availability]

We recommend attending with travel medical insurance since, in the event of an unusual medical contingency, Nina Wasi does not undertake to pay the additional charges for necessary medical procedures.

Safety Protocols

We have a security protocol in case of catastrophe or potentially dangerous situations. Our staff is trained to inform and direct the protocol in an emergency. Our territory has emergency sirens, road signs indicating evacuation points, and speakers throughout the region where instructions are transmitted depending on the case.

In our facilities, you will find recommendations and detailed instructions on local security.

Integrative Care

We have a highly trained staff to meet each patient's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. As well as a bilingual service team prepared to make you feel at home, receive your requests, and answer your questions.

Secure Processes

Our Medical & Legal forms have been developed by professionals in the medical and legal field. This is why it gives us the necessary data to evaluate each participant who applies safely. This also helps us develop and implement a medical preparedness plan for those in need. We also reserve the right of admission if we detect that an applicant does not meet the necessary medical requirements.