NINA WASI is an Ancestral Medicine clinic specialized in treatments of AYAHUASCA Y HUACHUMA profesionalmente guiados por el Dr. Johnathan Flores. Disponemos de Licencia Medica, Instalaciones Exclusivas y un Lugar Seguro donde poder sanar traumas, evolucionar emocionalmente y crecer en tu desarrollo espiritual. Estamos honrados de servirte en tu viaje de sanación. 

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We are a family that has decided to dedicate its life to the service of healing and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. We feel the call and the need to share what the wisdom of ancestral peoples has brought into our lives. This is why our mission is to share the ancestral vision of a healthy world, that is, a world where each one of us assumes his responsibility and recovers the memory of his inner power. Bringing hope and peace to us and our relationships.

Dr. Johnathan Flores​

Physician, Shaman, Researcher, Psychedelic Therapist, Intuitive Coach, Music Therapist, Reiki Master, Leadership Mentor who bases his personal and professional development on Andean-Amazonian Ancestral Plants.

Thanks to the guidance of the Ancestral Medicines and his vocation of service, Dr. Flores has created a unique therapeutic method in the world called CET Method® (Comprehensive Emotional Therapy)

CET Method®

Comprehensive Emotional Therapy

In the ancient view, a person who does not know the joy of his daily life is ill. Because he has lost his memory, that is, the connection with his true self. And he cannot recognize in the simplest way, the wonder of creation. This brings us blockages on invisible planes that manifest in our reality in various ways (physical ailments, financial difficulties, lack of creativity, isolation, depression, PTS, phobias, stress, addictions, toxic relationships, etc.)

With the right guidance we can all be happy, prosperous and free. With CET Method® get straight to the point, get the tools, go ahead and never go back. If you have already tried therapies and techniques that cannot find the solution, do not lose hope. You have arrived at the right time.


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