Sacred Drum Workshop

Within the ancestral traditions, of all cultures, the drum is used as a healing instrument, being that it connects us to the divine creator’s energy. In the Indigenous traditions, throughout the Americas, the drum represents the heart of who carries it and upon playing the drum, the heartbeat is emulated. This vibration is capable of healing.

For this reason, we have developed a 5-day workshop where each participant will build his or her own drum. From constructing the ring of the drum with wood, to treating the leather, every step honors the elements that allow us to create this sacred instrument. Also, each day a fire is lit, opening a ceremony where we sit in a circle and will learn about the drum’s traditions and its symbolism. Also, in some instances we will open the sacred space, by taking medicine of the Grandfather San Pedro so that we can enter in consciousness that we are reconstructing our own hearts. This workshop begins in the day (from 9:00 am), for 4 days. On the 5th day we close in a medicine ceremony at night, in which the instruments will be blessed so they can be used as healing instruments.

Clarification: This workshop is not a mere class about how to build a drum, but it is a retreat where each one of us decides to befriend our own hearts so we can uplift our personal power.