Sofia Vizziano

Design and Comunications / Nutrition

My husband (Dr. Johnathan Flores) and I work every day looking for the best way to bring people to the healing process. Thanks to the encounter with the sacred medicines and the ancestral designs in which the healing ceremonies are framed, in recent years I have devoted myself to social communication and the development of the Nina Wasi project, seeking to share the healing and well-being that these therapies bring to the lives of people. My task is to provide you with the means to reach us in the most fluid way. As a woman, partner and mother, I sustain and take care of the balance of the female energy of our center. I am a cook, and I enjoy preparing and selecting food. Cooking, processing food and transforming its nutrients into a healthy and tasty dish is a ceremony at itself. Thanks to the teachings that the Master Plants have brought to my life, I can feel and honor the sacred ancestral work of preparing food for the family. The alchemy of cooking, the magic of the elements: water, fire, earth and air, combining to find their balance and nourish our body, our soul. It is so in Nina Wasi, you will always receive first quality food, prayed  with love to be pure medicine.

Also my work is support and assistance to the healing process and who needs it. Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or suggestions that may arise.