Dr. Johnathan Flores

Ancestral Medicine Doctor

Dr. Johnathan Flores is a Physician, Researcher, Psychedelic Therapist, Intuitive Coach, Music Therapist, Reiki Master and Biz Mentor, who bases his professional and personal development on the Andean-Amazonian Medicinal Plants.

Dr. Flores has dedicated his life to unite the gap that separates traditional Western Medicine with Ancestral (or shamanic) Medicine, thus becoming a pioneer in the field of Modern Ancestral Medicine (Psychedelic Therapies).

Born in the USA, due to his Latin American roots (Colombia and Ecuador), Dr. Flores has immersed himself in the world of shamanic culture of the native communities of the Amazon and the Andes.
For more than 15 years he has been dived into the ancient ancestral knowledge of the Master Plants such as Ayahuasca and Wachuma.

Thanks to his vocation as a doctor and his devotion to finding the bridge between the modern world and ancestral practices, he has created a unique method in the world that he named Comprehensive Emotional Therapy or “CET Method – Straight from the heart to the mind”

At the same time, he has developed as a music therapist, applying ancestral knowledge about vibrations and their frequencies. Using this as an instrument of alignment and energy balance during their therapeutic ceremony sessions with the Medicinal Plants.

Currently, Dr. J Flores works with patients from all over the world. Helping his patients reach their emotional and professional goals, guiding through balance and well-being in all aspects of human life.