Ancestral Medicine


Throughout history, aboriginal people have discovered a great healing power in plants. Whether it be for physical, mental or spiritual ailments, Mother Earth is a living and powerful pharmacy.

The sacraments that we share are the San Pedro or Aguacoya (originally from the mountain) medicine as well as Ayahuasca or Yage (originally from the jungle.) Although science has examined the active components and named it, mescaline or DMT, we respectively believe that it’s important to clarify that these medicines are not drugs, nor should they be used recreationally. With that said, they carry out a profound process of structural changes in the ways we perceive ourselves, and all who surround us.

These (medicines) contain the power of the sacred spirit of the plant, which offer healing and knowledge to those who take it in a sacred way (this way being, ceremonial, honoring and recognizing its presence.)

In recent times, the sacred altars, which have been guarded by Indigenous people, have began to rise.
There are many places and people who say they know these ancestral practices, and truth be said there are many people who do, but there are also those who take advantage of these medicines to fool and profit from others. That’s why we felt its important that you take your time to investigate about the place and the people that will support your process, in order for you to have a safe and real healing experience.

We work on the foundation with respect to the family, this means that we live and act according to the conviction of the power and importance of the presence of women within our family circle. Honoring her sacred feminine energy, and taking care of this energy with respect to her integrity: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

” We are not inviting you to live a psychedelic experience or to learn about metaphysics. We are inviting you to live a profound, transforming process of consciousness.


Originally, this traditional ceremony was practiced by the Native People of Central America and Mesoamerica, and it is considered to be the most ancient ceremony on earth.

The sweat lodge invites us to reconnect with our own essence by healing and freeing our minds from bindings of the past.
Upon entering the sweat lodge, we enter Mother Earth´s womb, later coming out clean and renewed. This is the reason why it is considered to be the ceremony of rebirth.

At the same time the participants can relive memories of being in their mother´s womb. And through this way, recognize the origin of their traumas to heal them from the root.

The ceremony consists of four rounds, each round marked by the entering of red-hot volcanic stones into the pit or “inipi”. The cleaning process occurs thanks to the steam that comes from the contact of water being poured.

The entire process is led by a medicine man, or shaman, who guides and supports each and every one of the participants.


We recognize and honor the path that the Elder, grandfathers and grandmathers give to us. The Sacred Plants are a powerful tool that offer us the possibility of being honest with ourselves. The Sacred Medicines invite us to connect with the most authentic of our being. And they give us the strength to make the changes we need to live in peace and well-being.
Throug the experience and commitement with the healling process of each one of his patients, Dr. Johnathan Flores has developed a very effective and complete healling sistem name CET® (Comprehensive Emotional Therapy).