The Home Temple

 Olón, Ecuador

Olón, Ecuador

Nina Wasi

Nina Wasi is no more nor less than our home, where we live and work with love, where we receive hundreds of people that became family, during and after the healing process. This is why it is our temple, our house of light. You are welcome as long as you bring pure intentions of your heart to share and receive what this path of healing will bring to your life.

We are located in Olón, Santa Elena, Ecuador. Across La Ruta del Spondylus.


Olón is a small fishing village located on the Pacific coast of Ecuador. Belongs to the holiday offer that runs La Ruta del Spondylus (The Spondylus Route.)

La Ruta del Spondylus corresponds to the 13 protected areas, which are located throughout the Ecuadorian Coast. The Pacific Ocean shore is an ideal place to travel to if you want to experience the typical flora and fauna of the tropical zone of Ecuador. Its also comprised of heavenly beaches and its people possess a special energy for day-to-day living.  This coastline lies over the beginning of the Cordillera de los Andes (Andes mountains,), which allows a great variety of climates, in a short width of kilometers: coast, jungle and mountain.

This route is named after the mollusk “Spondylus” which represents the Pre-Columbian culture of the area. In this area we can see more than 11,000 years of history presented in museums, archaeological and excavation sites.

In its magical beaches and countryside fields, this place allows us to find the remains of ancient civilizations in a simple daily stroll. Likewise, visitors will find an infrastructure prepared to receive travelers in an extraordinary blend of nature and comfort.