The Family, The Essence


Nina Wasi is no more and no less than our home, where we live and work with love. This is our temple, our house of light, where we receive hundreds of people supporting their healing process.  You are welcome as long as you bring pure intentions from your heart to share and receive what this path of healing will bring to your life.

We are a family that has decided to dedicate our lives to service healing and wellbeing: physical, mental and spiritual. We possess a bountiful of experience and walk with the conviction of the integrity of the being. We know that healing is a living labor and is unique just like each patient. For this reason, we have developed a dynamic system, which cares to the whole: body, mind and spirit, achieving effective results.

We also know that in order to heal, one must want it and for that reason, we are selective with our patients; that being said, the healing process is never the sole responsibility of the healer. This is what allows us and has allowed us to be foolproof in the obtained results.


We do not follow any religion or doctrine, and we respect it all . We know that there is no SINGLE PATH to awakening of consciousness, and that is an inner journey. YOU ARE THE PATH, YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN LIFE. Our job is to help you connect and be confident enough to recognize yourself as your own master.

“All forms are welcome provided they are aligned with the foundations of respect, harmony, health and welfare. You are welcome with pure intentions of your heart.


Dr. Johnathan Flores

Ancestral Medicine Doctor
Dr. Johnathan Flores is a Medical Doctor, researcher, Psychedelic Therapist, Intuitive Coach, Music Therapist, Reiki Master and corporate consultant, who bases his professional and personal development on the Andean-Amazonian Medicinal Plants.
Dr. Johnathan Flores

Sofia Vizziano

Design and Comunications / Nutrition
I sustain and take care of the balance of the female energy of our center. Also my work is support and assistance to the healing process and who needs it. Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or suggestions that may arise.
Sofia Vizziano