Priceless healing I am not usually someone who writes reviews online but I made an exception for this one because I believe as many people as possible should know about Johnathan’s work. Simply put, Johnathan gave me back my life. I have done both Ayahuasca and San Pedro in a retreat environment before (following the “gringo” trail — not great or very useful experiences overall) but with Johnathan, you will experience true, honest and dedicated healing by an actual medical doctor who specialises in Ancestral Medicines. This is his calling and he was put on this earth to help people and families heal and you can feel the love from the minute you arrive on his property to the minute you leave. And it follows you long after. I arrived at Johnathan’s desperate to change / fix / understand my life. An anxiety-ridden, financially broke, scattered, overweight, negative, binge-drinking mess. My life was in the toilet for lack of a better term. I left 7 days later healed. I sit here now writing from a cafe taking a break from a book project I’m excitedly working on, eating a healthy lunch having not touched alcohol since I left with the desire for it simply not being there. Finally, I see the beauty in life and a reason for living. You don’t just “get” this from drinking Ayahuasca or San Pedro. You need a guide to get to the good stuff. Johnathan guides you through the underlying pain and issues that are causing your destructive behaviour in the first place. The reasons I was treating myself so badly have been identified and healed through his love and knowledge of the medicines and human beings. It’s important to say, there are two people involved in this healing process. You and Johnathan. He shows you what you need to see, helps you make sense of it and then when you leave, the torch is handed over to you to implement the changes you’ve learned into your life. That’s when the real work, for you, begins. I feel as though I was given a gift that I would never have received any other way and I will always be forever grateful to Johnathan, his wife Sofia and their 2 beautiful daughters for showing me a week of pure love and healing. If you’re reading this and you really truly want to change your life, go.

Linda Wilson
Photographer and Media Designer - Australia -

I had been flirting with the idea of attending a medicine plant retreat for a more than a year. Life had been a constant struggle for me so far, and it seemed that some sort of biological alarm set off at a point and delivered me a very strong message: “It’s time for a change, it’s time to stop struggling and start LIVING”.

This call was so powerful, that I was able to put my ego at bay and made the decision to go meet the mother plant. I crossed paths with Johnathan Flores and right away felt that this was it. I had to give it a try. Soon I found myself on board of a plane heading to Ecuador. I right away felt this land was magical, full of energy, vibrant. I headed to Olon, a beautiful little town on the coast where

I met Johnathan, Sofia and their amazing kids. I instantly felt I had made the right choice.

The next ten days were magical, the family made me feel at home. You can breathe the love, harmony peace and respect that flows in the family, and that, was already doing the work in me and tuning me into those vibrations. It is contagious indeed.

Johnathan proved to be very knowledgable and thorough. He has dedicated his life to mastering the science of plant medicine. He is also naturally gifted when it comes to understanding the intricate labyrinth of human condition, which can get dark sometimes… but he’s got a torch that sheds light into that darkness and ends up illuminating your whole heart and soul, and the fuel he uses for his torch is nothing else than LOVE.

To say that the ceremonies with San Pedro and Ayahuasca were beautiful and life changing would be an understatement. It needs to be understood that there are no words that our minds can produce that would ever pay real homage to what this experience actually is. One has to experience it themselves and only then you can understand the magnitude of its effect. It transcends all rationality. And this effect will stick to you, it’s a gift and I suspect that it will not go away. The teachings and feelings you take from the retreat will live in your heart for your whole life.

I have to admit that I was still a bit nervous about doing these ceremonies, but Johnathan showed so much care and patience that made everything seem easy and pleasant. He is all the time right there with you, guiding you through the journey, sharing his words of wisdom through amazing stories and beautiful songs. It’s worth mentioning that Johnathan is also an MD in western medicine, which gives him a great understanding of the human body, in case you might have doubts regarding any medical condition you may have and how it could interact with the plant medicine, One can rest assured that he will approach this with the utmost respect and caution. He embodies the perfect mix of modern science and ancient healing techniques.

I came back home feeling lighter, calmer, HAPPIER, and at the end of the day, that’s what counts. It worked, it really worked!

I would recommend this to ANYONE that wants to dwell deeper into life and it’s possibilities. This experience opened up the doors to a new world for me and I will surely come back to further expand my journey into it.

Thank you Johnathan, Sofia, Violeta and Luz for sharing your love with me.

Forever grateful.

Rodolfo Sayagués
Filmmaker - Los Angeles, California.

Nina Wasi is a medicine family. It is what they live, teach, show and share every minute in the day. When I was here, I felt home, I was safe. During my private healing retreat I received healing from each one of the family. From Johnathan, not only Master of Ancestral Medicine but also master of the most enchanting music on his guitar, the flute and the harmonica during the plant medicine ceremonies, next to doing the hard and patient work of re-connecting me with my inner self through talking, listening and guiding me through all sessions and consultations, or if needed also during breakfast…He’s been always there for me. I received healing from his wife Sofía whose attention and service has been medicine for my soul just as her beautiful meals have been for my body. And from the two very young daughters who enlightened me with their natural happiness to bond and freely share their joy with me. The love this family creates every day for one another and for me as their patient is without pretense and serves the purpose of healing in a rare and sacred way. I return to my own home with clarity, hope, connection and a warm heart. Thank you, medicine family.

Daniela Pönisch
Brand & Communications Manager - Germany

Life changing experience at NINA WASI Jonathan came highly recommended by a friend who she said helped her change her life. By that time I had been to several retreats, of which three were Dr. Joe Dispenza retreats, and have been slowly creating great changes in my life. I was more confident and more in love with myself. However, I still felt stuck, I still felt lost and couldn’t shake off my unconscious obsession with gaining the approval of others. I didn’t know why I cared so much and how to care less. I also knew that my rebellion against my family and culture—under the pretense of self expression—was not the way toward true self-actualization and growth, but I didn’t know how better to do things as the frustration and anger were at times palpable. It seemed that nothing I tried was really creating the necessary shift to feel secure in myself and express myself in a healthy way. And to have the confident and courage to go out into the world and be seen and express my creative individuality; something I have been wanting to do but have always yielded to unworthiness and shame. Jonathan was truly intuitive in understanding the underlying issue I was experiencing and was clear on the first thing that we needed to work on from our first consultation session online. We then expanded on that as we started working together on the healing process. The process was organic and felt natural. After having completed the retreat at NINA WASI I feel profound emotional changes with a renewed sense of connection to my culture and tradition. As well as a clearer understanding of the importance of surrender in the healing process and a renewed commitment to it. I believe that we were successful in achieving the goals that we set out to complete during the retreat and I am happy about that. I recommend Jonathan to anybody who is serious about creating the needed changes in their life.

Abdulelah Tamimi
Engineer - Saudi Arabia

Dr Jonathan Flores has helped me literally take my own life back into my hands and into my heart. His own and his family’s love, wisdom, knowledge and humility warmed my whole being each day. I’m grateful beyond measure for his support and guidance to truly manifest the gift of life each precious day. Thank you infinitely. With Love and Blessings
Jonathan, Sofia, their children and their home are simply amazing. I cannot thank them enough for the deeply transformative and healing experience I had each day. This is as well as the most delicious food prepared with love and the cosiest room and surroundings. They helped me to take my own life back in every way possible. Thank you a million times and more.

Heather Osbourne

Family healing with love

Nina Wasi is a true place of healing. Johnathan and Sofía are the most loving and welcoming people you could imagine. Through my private retreat Johnathan was always so calm and reassuring. He was always fully present and never seemed in a hurry or stressed out. Not only does he share his knowledge in his stories and teachings, but also in his beautiful songs that he shares during the ceremonies. It’s a pleasure to listen to! I was dealing with a lot of stubbornness and I know that at times it was really difficult to work with me. But never in those 10 days did I feel that Johnathan gave up on me, which gave me the reassurance that I needed to keep going even if sometimes there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel. It made me fully trust in the medicine and his work. Thanks to Johnathan I can understand myself and my behaviors better so that I can change them. I can feel gratitude towards my family now and I know that it is possible to overcome my stubbornness. These are only a few of the many insights and teachings that I’ve received over the course of those 10 days. I know that now it’s my part to practice every second of every day what I have been thought through the plant medicines and Johnathan – he always throughout the retreat makes this really clear that the real work only starts when you leave Nina Wasi, which I think is immensely important as the mind wants to escape from this thought. I know it won’t be easy to make the change in my life and to implement all those teachings. I know that it is a process, but I know it will be so worth it. Sofía is a great role model of a loving mother and wife. I could feel that she fully supports her husband in his work. She is also an amazing cook. No matter which dish she prepared it was always delicious and completely different than the days before. It was always really flavorful, cooked with fresh ingredients. You could see and taste how much love she put into it, making me for the first time in my life really realize that preparing food can and should be an act of love towards your family. The room I was staying in was super comfortable. It was the perfect place to to relax on the couch or bed after working hard in the ceremonies and sessions. I felt at home there. I highly recommend you to do this retreat if you looking for true healing and you are dedicated to do the work. Johnathan and his family will bring so much love and light into your life. I’m not for a second regretting that I’ve come here. If you are looking for a tourist shaman then you are definitely wrong here as the work with Johnathan is hard, but so worth it. I’ve tried a lot of other retreats and courses before to heal myself, but nothing felt like it had such a big influence and change on me than the work with Johnathan. I’m truly grateful for all the love and healing that I got to experience. Thank you!

Kerstin Rückert
Teacher - Vienna / Austria.

The yagé experience with Jonathan was incredible. He was all night guiding and helping depending on what I was passing through with the plant. The fact that him and his family are so beautiful and sweet, makes the experience one of the best life time ever. He made me laugh all night about things that maybe in another way I could felt badly or sad. He also plays beautiful music on his guitar. Then you feel like heaven. It’s hard to describe with words this amazing experience. I can say that I highly recommend it. He knows what he is doing and for me it was healing, return to self love, and see things that I wasn’t able to do. And that is a really important point in my life to finally change some patterns that I was repeating (was making me a sad person). The house breath love. I am so grateful with Jonathan and his family. Thank very much!

Anne Jager
Student of Anthropology - Belgium

Gratefulness ist the first thing coming on my mind, when thinking about my time at Nina Wasi. A truly magical place. Jonathan and his beautiful family do their very best to make you feel comfortable from the minute you arrive. These 10 days are full of life teachings and intense work. If you are about to make a random experience this is not the right place, this place is about healing and about inner change. Jonathan is guiding you with all his love, experience and wisdom through your personal process and makes sure every ceremony is aligned to a purpose. Before every ceremony there is a consultation session to ask questions, talk about your experiences and clarify your purpose. Jonathans incredible empathy allows him to uncover the underlying issues within a short time and helps you to bring light into your personal situation and destructive life patterns. You are going to leave this transformative place much more in alignment with your own truth, clarity and inner peace. Thanks to all the family for their dedication, love, energy and beautiful work!

Barbara Przeklasa
Marketing Manager - Czech Republic
Amazing healing retreat

Our experience at Nina Wasi was great before we had even arrived. Sofia was so quick responding to emails and accommodating with our needs and request, we were skyping with Jonathan the day we had contacted them and it was all booked by that night. When we arrived the vibe of Jonathan was calming, putting to rest the nerves that had built up in anticipation of what was to be truly an amazing experience. We were further relaxed by the atmosphere of the retreat it was so homey and just felt comfortable. We were treated to the most delicious breakfast we had our whole tour of south america, in fact the food Sofia cooked was our best meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner of our south american trip and easily the most healthy. After breakfast was our one-on-one’s which were deep, intense and healing in itself. I found just chatting to Jonathan about my life and my issues, something I normally keep to myself, challenging but ultimately liberating. We rested after the one-on-ones and lunch and did a little homework that Jonathan had set for us for our ceremony. once the ceremony started everything flowed so easy our nerves were only that of excitement and it was because of Jonathan and Sofia had set such a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere. the ceremony was mind-blowing, healing and indescribably amazing, we were guided at every staged by Jonathan and Sofia. My girlfriend had an outer-body experience and was so happy and content from her experience that she has been walking on cloud ever since. Both of us have started a journey of discovery, of ourselves and the universe and this experience was the kick start we needed . We both had an amazing time and only wish we could have gone for longer than the one night we were there. Jonathan and Sofia were incredible the whole experience is something I 100% recommend.

Johnathan Hardman & Stephanie Saidel
Cabinet Maker | Teacher aid/pyschology student - Melbourne, Australia

Nina Wasi is THE SPA for the SOUL, This is a space to retire, rest and work with ancestral medicines in a family environment, where you breathe home, care and respect. They open the doors of their family to show how life is shared in a healthy, loving and harmonious way. I am very grateful to this family for being open to doing this beautiful work and sharing it, I really enjoyed working with you. It is a place for me to find people so committed to their work and life. Thankful to meet you on my way NINAWASI.

Lucía Lopez
Textil designer & Businesswoman - Uruguay

The meeting with medicines was like going to a university of life, where I began to learn in a very different way from the one known to relate to myself, to other people and to Mother Nature … To realize the importance of each act, each thought, beyond the theory and everything I knew about the energies and the law of attraction, I began to materialize that knowledge from the expansion of my consciousness, to realize at the moment things happened, the thoughts appeared, and I began to take control over that, to choose what to think, what to say, with whom to share my sacred time, what places to frequent and what not. I could also learn about the importance of menstrual cycles in women, how it affects my mood, recognize me cyclical and begin to understand how this perfect cycle works. If I could summarize it in a few words I would say that the experience with these sacred medicines, took me to my deepest center (and continues to lead me) to the darkest and most luminous of my being, and allowed me to recognize myself, recognize my dreams and power Take charge of them and start working to achieve them. Infinitely grateful to this beautiful family medicine, thank you very much Johnathan, Sofi, Viole and each of my brothers on this path.

Laura Schinca
Profesora de Yoga, actriz, modelo y licenciada en marketing - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Before I had my first meeting with Jonathan I had already felt that I needed help. I was very concerned about my relationship with my loved partner because my old behavioural patterns seemed to repeat again despite of my raised awareness through my daily yoga practice or my research in spiritual literature. Two of my collegues in school were participating in his ceremonies regularly and their words and changes made me decide to see him.

The first meeting with Jonathan is like going to the doctor because you sit down and talk to him without drinking any medicine. That made me feel very comfortable because we got to know each other and only the conversation with him was very insightful. It could be his mesmerizing presence, his profound love or his sincere words that hit right on to you which make that conversation almost a ceremony itself.

Since that conversation I hardly missed a chance to go and participate in his ceremonies. He knows exactly what you have to work on and he cares for you the whole night and beyond. Jonathan dedicates himself and his family to your healing. You are growing and learning while he pours all his love into your heart and soul.

It feels as if it is our responsibility today to clean our body, mind and soul even though the dirt might be from another life or another generation. Jonathan and his sacred medicine of San Pedro helped me to be more aware of what I do and say, to get to know me better, to see my ego more clearly, to clarify my mind, to heal my body, to connect with my soul and to open up my heart. He has given me lots of opportunities to heal and break through old patterns so now I am able to walk more confident with more awarenss and more love while listening to my heart and soul.

The work with the medicine and my Taita has helped me to connect with my truer self. The medicine is teaching me on different levels where I come from and what I am here for and Jonathan guides me through this sacred journey of our ancestors on mother earth. He picks you up where you are, leads and heals you with all his love and patience. 

Not easy to express deepest gratitude for a gift such as living a more fullfilling and a more loving life but I can say that I am very grateful to have met him and his family who are beautiful to watch in their connected family life full of love. They are a blessing to everyone who uses his own will power and makes the step to drink sacred medicine plants with them in order to truly being able to heal. Jonathan and his wife are examples to follow because they are serving with all their heart and soul so people can grow and create the life they really want which makes the world a better place.

Christina Hinz
Yoga Teacher / German Professor - Germany

A picture is worth a thousand words, that’s why I share this photograph of a before and after my healing process with Dr. Jhonnathan Flores. I would also like to add that during this beautiful healing I have been able to experience and make the best decisions of my life and for that reason at this moment I feel very happy to be forming a family next to the woman I love the most. I truly believe that this is an unprecedented and unlimited experience for my life, where I continually continue to grow mentally and spiritually. I highly recommend this path for all those people who want to be filled with love and light.

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Estuardo Juarez
Publicidad y Comunicación - Guatemala