Comprehensive Emotional Therapy (CET®)


Straight from the heart to the mind.

In the ancestral vision, a person who doesn´t know the joy in his daily life is sick. Because he has lost his memory, that is, the connection with his true being. And he cannot recognize in the simplest, how wonderful life is.

This brings you blockages in invisible planes that manifest in your reality in various ways (physical ailments, economic difficulties, lack of creativity, isolation, depression, SPT, phobias, stress, addictions, toxic relationships, etc.)

In the CET (Comprehensive Emotional Therapy) Method® Dr. Johnathan Flores invites you to a unique and real encounter with yourself, where you can reconnect with the most sincere, returning the memory of who you are and what you have come to do.

There is no inherited pathology or a gene that marks your mental or emotional destiny.
We are living beings, as such, we are completely capable to dynamically change at will.
We just have to put attention, intention, and action in the right place. It is simple, but not easy.

Not supposed to be easy.

But, with the right guidance, it is possible. In the CET (Comprehensive Emotional Therapy) Method® combines the powerful native ancestral knowledge and modern therapeutic techniques.
He will guide you until you find your own approach.
Creating a natural map of you, your present and your heritage.
And from there you can create your future full of endless possibilities.

“ Dr. Flores has designed and materialized a way of working to heal the body, mind and heart in a way that I had not known before.

Melina Tertzakian | Argentina


Allow yourself to grow

• Overcome emotional barriers.
• Discover what is beyond your belief system.
• Change mental and behavioral patterns and allow yourself to grow.

Move towards fulfillment

• Heal traumas.
• Clean your path.
• Move towards prosperity and fulfillment.

Communicate with love

• Recognize how you have been taught to love.
• Learn to cut with inherited models.
• Create your own path with a future full of endless possibilities.


  • 1. Take the first step

    To start is necessary to make your first CET® Coaching Session
    with Dr. Johnathan Flores.
    This consists of a therapeutic session, face to face or through Skype.

  • 2. Working towards plenitude

    After your firs session Dr. Flores will tell you what are the steps to follow in order to move towards plenitude.
    Designing a personalized treatment especially for you.

  • 3. Practice and grow

    At the end of the CET Method process, you will have with you the necessary tools and the knowledge to apply them in your daily life. Allowing you to achieve independence and autonomy. Achieving wellness and peace.

“ A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Lao Tzu