Comprehensive Emotional Therapy (CET®)


The work carried out by Dr. Johnathan Flores Becerra, through his experience aims to create a comprehensive diagnostic method named Comprehensive Emotional Therapy ®(CET®). The success of CET® is based on the Ancestral or Shamanic Medicine from the Andean-Amazonian communities. They recognize the healing power of the Master Plants (In this case, Ayahuasca and San Pedro).

In this therapy Dr. Flores treats the ailments (traumas, illnesses, family disputes, social relationship problems, etc…) mixing coaching sessions and Ancestral Medicine Ceremonies, where it is allowed to reach the root of the problem. Being able to work in a deep and definitive way. Shedding light on aspects that were kept hidden, allowing too see them and recognize them clearly and calmly.
Recovering the reins of life, and the personal power.

Each coaching session consists of offering a meeting in form of a medical consultation, where we work with ailments, illnesses, sadness, insomnia or whatever is affecting your quality of life. The therapy is very dynamic and adapts to every case in a unique and unrepeatable way. Being that every human being is unique, and every one of us receives and processes the events and situations that we have been through in our lives, in a unique way. Each session lasts between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the patient. During this period we work on the emotional/mental plane.

The result obtained in the session allows to clearly see the issues or situations to work with the person. At the end of the process, the patient finds the tools to: improve the quality of life, their interpersonal relationships, family, friends, work and increase the creativity, sensitivity, self-confidence, peace and the authentic life purpose.


Allow you to grow

Do you have projects, ideas and desires
but there is something that does not allow you to advance?
Discover what is beyond your belief system.
Change mental and behavioral patterns that do not allow you to grow.

Move towards fulfillment

Do you crash again and again with the same limit
in your personal relationships?
Heal emotional traumas
and barriers stuck in you,
clean your path and move towards prosperity and fulfillment.

Communicate with love

Do you want to save your relationship
but it seems impossible?
Recognize how you have been taught to love.
Learn to cut with inherited models and create your own path,
communicating with love and sincerity.


The Master Plants “empower us”, they give us the strength, the wisdom and the confidence that we needed
to take the path that leads us to personal fulfillment. To fulfill our dreams, trust our intuition and face the fear and doubts that have been dominating our life, stealing our attention and vital energy. With the right guide, Master Plants, teach us to change the old mental models,
to recognize where they come from and show us a new and infinite spectrum of possibilities that we could not see before.

“ A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Lao Tzu